Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Testing Grammar and Writing

Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!

  1. Multiple Choice
1.      The earth……around the sun.
a. go                                                   c. gone
b. went                                               d. goes
2.  The water ……. Can you turn it off?
                  a. boiling                                           c. warming
                  b. boiled                                            d. warmed
            3.  Sigit   : I think advertising is not a good thing.
                 Anto   : …..  because some of them tell us a lie.
a.       I do not think so
b.      I think so not
c.       I disagree with you
d.      I think I agree with you
4. Producing fine paintings…….skill and creativity.
      a. require                                           c. is require
      b. they require                                   d. requires
5. Agi  : Yudi, I have something to tell you.
    Yudi: Really? What’s that?
    Agi  : I have finally got high score in mathematic exam.
    Yudi: ……………….
a.       That’s terrible                             c. That’s trouble
b.      That’s terrific                             d. That’s right
6. The shoes are…. They are not comfortable on my feet. So, I don’t buy them.
      a. small enough                               c. big enough
      b. too big                                          d. too small
7. He runs ….to catch. He leaves me far behind him.
     a. too fast                                          c. fast enough
     b. too slow                                        d. slow enough
8. Some hybrid flowers retain the fragrant scent of the nonhybrid, and….are bred without fragrance.
      a. anothers                                        c. some others
      b. the others                                     d. others
9. More murders are reported….. December in the United States than during any              other month.
                  a. on                                                 c. at
      b. in                                                  d. for
          10.  Can I help you to push the car?. This sentence means?
                  a. Expression of agreement.
                  b. Expression of offering help.
                  c. Expression of repetition.
                  d. Expression of refusal.

      B. Fill in the blank with using superlative (-est or most…) or a comparative (-er or
           more) with the word in the bracket. 
          11. We stay at the ………..hotel in the town.(cheap)
          12. Singkawang   is very large but Pontianak is………….(large)
          13. What’s ………….. river in the world ?(long)
          14. What is…………. sport in your country.(popular)
          15. It was an awful day. It was………. day of my life.(bad)
          16. I prefer this chair to the other one. It’s……………….(comfortable )
          17. What’s …………….. way of getting from here to the station. ( quick )
          18. Mr and Mrs Brown have got three daughters…………… is 14 years old.(old )
          19. Everest is……mountain in the world. It is… than any other   mountain. ( high )
          20. He was a bit depressed yesterday but he looks………….. today. ( happy )

      C. True False
            State T for true or F for false at the underlined word based on correct grammatica!
        21. (T/F)  She is singing a song .
        22. (T/F)  The postman deliver letters everyday.
        23. (T/F)  The gardener waters the flowers every morning.
        24. (T/F)  Are you read a newspaper?
        25. (T/F)  I am forget my promise.
        26. (T/F)  Budi come to my house last night.
        27. (T/F)  Agi will inviting us to his party
        28. (T/F)  Did you go to supermarket yesterday?
        29. (T/F)  Can you wait me for a minute?
        30.(T/F)  Nur do not like snake.
D. Matching
      Match the underlined statement in column A to expression in column B. The answer may be used  more than once.
 31. I’m sorry, I have to go home first after  school.
32.  Can I help you to lift that table?
33.  Wow! What a wonderful house.
34.  Do you want to join with us in study club?
35.  I don’t think that is a good idea.
36.  Do you have time to lunch together in my grandmother’s house?
37.  Wow! That’s a terrific news.
38.  May I use your handphone?
39.  Bob  : You look so tired.
Kiki  : Really? But I think I am OK.
    40. I  think you are right

1.      Agreement
2.      Offering help
3.      Repetition
4.      Disagreement
5.      Surprise
6.      Refusal
7.      Invitation
8.      Asking help


Learning outcomes

Subject matter
Writing narrative paragraph


  • Coherence
  • Grammatical structure
o   Tenses
o   Word order
  • Spelling


High score          : 8

  • Coherence
    • 2             if whole of paragraph are coherence
    • 1             if whole of paragraph are less coherence

  • Grammatical structure
§ Tenses
o   2             if whole of tenses are true
o   1             if whole of tenses wrong

§ Word order
o   2             if the whole of the word order is sequence
o   1             if the word order less sequence

  • Spelling
o   2             if the spelling is true
o   1             if the spelling is not complete

 Writing Test Item

Ø  Write a good composition about your interesting experience. You have to write it into two paragraphs. Pay attention the coherence, grammatical structure and spelling. You have 90 minutes to finish this test.

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